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Southeastern Meats Pick 5 Brand is the largest frozen Pick 5 program in the U.S. With over 70 products to choose from you can mix or match a meal to satisfy your family needs. Our items cover the major food categories meats, vegetables, sandwiches, appetizers, breakfast items, and breads. You can plan a whole day of meals with our program breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

We strive to make every item the best possible value for you! You are able to feed 4-5 people for under $20. Also, there’s enough food, for  leftovers, and less than the cost of a typical night out!!

Click here to see the entire selection of PICK 5! We are always adding new items…so stay tuned!

Our Southeastern vegetables has the same family favorites as our Pick 5 line but packed in a 32oz bag! We have over 30 vegetables to choose from to complete your meal. We don’t hide our quality, all vegetables are packed in our clear resealable bags. Don’t be fooled by a lower bag price, make sure to compare how many ounces are in each bag. Our 32oz bags compared to other brands, save you money and give you enough for 2-3 meals.  Click here to see the entire selection of vegetables.

Southeastern Seafood includes Catfish filets, Catfish Nuggets, Gulf Coast Shrimp, and Tilapia Filets. These are also hand-packed in our clear bags, there is no hiding the quality of this seafood.  The seafood goes great with our vegetable line!

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